To Be Is To Be Free

I am, still from the otherside of digital divide! I need help and directions expressed in simple terms as: 1, 2, 3, etc. For most programers everyone is considered versed in PC’s binary language, but that’s not the fact. It’s difficult to enter everyone’s brain, right! I would like my Blog be for:

a. ‘Philosophy of Universalism’, one day, to become globally acceptable without the loss of our identities.

b. ‘One Home, One Family, One Future’ as a VISION.

c. The ‘New Mechanism for Peace’ to become a MISSION.

Published by B.A. Zikria, MD, FACS

I am an Afghan who came to US to study medicine at age 18. Finished college in three years in three (Grinnell College, Iowa, University of Wisconsin, Madison) and George Washington University, D.C.). I received My MD from Johns Hopkins and trained in surgery in Bellevue and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centers (CPMC). I taught medical students at the Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons for 25 years and trained interns and residents in surgery, metabolism, oncology, and gastroenterology for forty-five. I retired as an Emeritus Professor & Special Lecturer at Columbia University. In my retirement, I have been lecturing in China x 2, Switzerland x2, Holland, Germany, France, Italy x 2, Turkey, Iraq, and UAE. During my career, I acquired nine US patents and one after my retirement from health sciences. I wrote most of the book, "Reperfusion Injuries and Generalized Capillary Leak Syndrome", "Manuel of Surgical Knots" and since my retirement, four books: "One Home, One Family, One Future ", "Afghan Prince and I: The First American in Afghanistan", "Malalai, Joan of Arc of Afghanistan and The Victors of Maiwand", Wars Without End: A New Mechanism for World Peace: Role of COVID-19 in 2020s" and in publication "Clash of Democracies and Autocracies: Can Democracy Be Saved?"

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